It’s all about the man!

If you’re new to the world of skin and hair treatments, you may be surprised by just how many men actively care for their appearance. Regardless of gender, occupation or age, we all like to look and feel our best.

Men’s skin can be significantly different to women’s, so it’s only natural that male skin treatments should be tailored to suit. Higher testosterone levels, for example, means that male skin produces more oil. While this results in a stronger and thicker dermis and epidermis, it can also make it more difficult to hydrate and oxygenate the deeper layers of the skin as well as potentially contributing to clogging without the right treatments.

The skin treatments listed below are not only offered to our male clients, however they are carefully customised to suit the male skin and hair growth patterns. Arrange your initial consultation with Wodonga Skin Centre today, and we’ll be delighted to get you started on the path to great skin. If you’re looking to treat a gentleman in your life, ask us about our treatment vouchers which make
ideal gifts.

Aspect Detoxifying Facial

60 minutes | $90.00

No fluff, puff and cucumbers!
A individually customised skin treatment, this Facial offers a delivery of antioxidants and vitamins aiding in anti-ageing, clears blocked pores and helps to heal impaired barriers. Involving a step-by-step process of cleansing, exfoliating with scrubs and superfruit enzymes, relaxing massage and a chill-axing mask this facial will have you feeling relaxed and boost your skin’s appearance and health.


30 minutes | $60.00
Back-cial + Microdermabrasion 30 minutes | $75.00

Are you experiencing congestion, breakouts and  blemishes on your back? A deep cleansing back treatment may be exactly what is needed to decongest and clear away breakouts. Treatment includes a deep cleanse, enzyme treatment and extractions.


Societe Green Peel Facial

60 minutes | $160.00

For the ultimate rejuvenation combined with pure relaxation! After the skin is cleansed and prepped, we apply the Societe Superfruit with a Deep Thermal Cleanser combined together. Next we apply the foaming Societe Oxygenation Peel and work it into the skin until the foam is rich and creamy. The foaming peel is removed with steamy warm towel and a hydrating Peptide Mask applied to soothe and plump the skin whilst unwinding to an invigorating shoulder, decolletage and scalp massage.



Express 30 minutes | $65.00
Deluxe (neck, decolletage and scalp massage indulged with a soothing mask) 45-60 minutes | $110.00

Male skin can often be more prone to imperfections than their female counterparts. When skin is not sufficiently cleansed, oil can clog pores and can lead to blackheads and pimples. This is where microdermabrasion proves useful. This treatment is a more advanced technique of ordinary exfoliation to the skin. Whether your skin is tired and sluggish from the stresses of daily life or suffering from the elements of the weather, microdermabrasion helps to visibly refresh and revitalise your appearance. Its process of crystal exfoliation removes the congested cells from the surface of the skin, making way for a fresh and smooth new surface.


Men Hair Removal Service

Benefit Peel

30 minutes | $130.00

This best all round peel has powerful antioxidants vitamin A peel for softer, radiant skin. Infuses extremely high concentrations of antioxidants, vitamins and proteins into the skin. The Benefit peel is truly for all skin types. Utilising encapsulated retinol and Vitamin C, this stimulating peel is effective for reducing pigmentation, rosacea, problem and premature aging skin types.

In recent clinical testing, 91% of Benefit Peel recipients reported brighter skin, more uniform tone, and less apparent wrinkles in just six weeks.

Clients must be prepped on a at home Retin A serum at a minimum of 14 days prior to first peel. Mild flaking may occur within 2-3 days. It is advised to have a consultation with one of our therapist’s prior to having this peel.


Anti-ageing Eye Treatment

Fractional Resurfacing Laser
30 minutes | $120.00
Package of 3 sessions | $300.00

You may be working out in the sun, squinting your eyes and realise it has aged you beyond your years! Or you may just find the lines around your eyes starting to get deeper, this is where Fractional Resurfacing Laser will benefit those lines and notorious crows feet. Fractional Resurfacing Laser promotes collagen reorganization and rebuilding. Long term, this promotes less aging and continued reduction of the normal processes of skin thinning in this area, in addition it also helps to tighten the skin.


Dermapen - Collagen Induction Therapy

60 minutes | $299.00

Dermapen is a medical grade treatment offering an unrivalled level of skin rejuvenation. With its microscopic piercing of the skin with ultra-fine stainless steel needles, Dermapen stimulates a wound-like response from the skin restoring the skin’s natural regeneration process, helping to soften scar tissue and allowing for the deeper absorption of vitamin-rich serums. Dermapen is the ultimate treatment for acne scarring, deep pores, skin thickening and tightening, pigment issues and fine lines. Best results are seen over a course of 3-6 treatments.



  • Eyebrows | $15.00
  • Full back | $50.00
  • Chest & stomach | $50.00
  • Full legs | $55.00
  • Half legs | $40.00
  • Full arms | $35.00


  • Consultation - FREE (allow 15-30 minutes)
  • Men’s ½ back |$130.00
  • Men’s Full Back | $200.00
  • Men’s Chest & stomach | $200.00
  • Men’s stomach | $110.00
  • Men’s Full back, Chest & stomach | $350.00
  • Men’s Full legs | $220.00
  • Men’s ½ legs | $165.00
  • Men’s Beard | $80.00
  • Men’s Arms | $150

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