IPL Hair

How can IPL hair reduction work for you

At Wodonga Skin Centre we use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machine, which uses ultra quick pulses of light. These very specific pulses go through the skin where they’re absorbed by the hair root. This causes the follicle to shrink (reducing hair thickness).

For this to happen the hair needs to have pigment preferably the darker the hair the better. Once the hair root has been treated it can take up to 3 weeks for the hair to shed out of the follicle. Normally no hair will regrow out of the treated follicle, however if the hair is strong or not enough heat was absorbed into the follicle hair can re grow. If this is the case then on the next treatment the hair will be destroyed and no hair will regrow.
The most common question that clients ask is will I get completely have no hair re grow. The answer is no you will get some hair still grow back as there are millions of tiny hair follicles it is not guaranteed that every single hair follice will be destroyed. In saying that you will get a 50-80% of hair reduction and usually a maintenance sessions is required.


Suitability for IPL

IPL and Laser hair removal treatments are becoming very popular and many people are loving to no longer wax or shave on a regular bases. However, before you consider having permanent hair removal there are a few things to consider first.

The first thing is the colour of your hair and skin. Not all skin types and hair colour have as effective result. 



IPL consultation | $29.00 (redeemable off first treatment)

  • Chin | $40.00
  • Upper Lip | $35.00
  • Lip & Chin | $60.00
  • Full Face | $80.00
  • Sides of Face |$50.00
  • Half Arms | $120.00
  • Full Arms | $190.00
  • Half Legs | $150.00
  • Full legs | $190.00
  • Bikini | $70.00
  • Brazilian | $100.00
  • G-string | $85.00
  • Men’s Full Back | $200.00
  • Men’s Full Back & Shoulders | $220.00
  • Men’s Half Back | $130
  • Men’s Chest/stomach | $200.00
  • ‘Snails Trail’ | $35.00
  • Underarms | $50.00
  • Areola (nipples) | $35.00
  • Toes/Feet | $35.00
  • Jawline & Neck | $60.00


Purchase a package of 6 sessions up front to SAVE – ask us how 0260563702

Frequently ask Questions

Yes,  If the operator of the IPL or Laser machine is not properly qualified in how to use it correctly then it can cause serious harm.
Things that can go wrong are burning of the skin which can result in hypo or hyper pigmentation, blistering and scarring. These issues arise because the settings used are too hot for the skin or the skin had a high amount of Sun exposure.

A patch test is always required before any Laser or IPL treatment is performed. Even if you have already had Laser or IPL somewhere else, not all machines have the same settings and can give different results.

At the Wodonga Skin Centre only staff that have done the appropriate level of Laser and IPL training operate the machines. Our minimum level of training and education is the Bachelor of Health Science degree, this is a 3 year University degree that has 3 Laser and IPL units spread over 3 years. We are currently the only University trained in the Albury/Wodonga area.

Furthermore we do a patch test first before proceeding to see how the skin reacts in order to minimise any adverse reactions.

Generally for hair reduction you will need between 6-8 treatments spaced between 4-8 weeks apart.

Even after you have had your 6-8 treatments you will still have some hair grow back, however it will be slower and finer. Remember it is only reducing the hair growth

Facial hair will require more than 6-8 treatments as most times facial hair especially the chin can be caused by hormonal factors