Every facial treatment at Wodonga Skin Centre begins with an in-depth assessment of your skin type. This step enables us to create a highly targeted and effective rejuvenation session that will effectively address any concerns while keeping you in complete control.
Our skilled dermal therapists treat a wide range of conditions and only use meticulously selected products to hydrate your skin and help it return to its naturally glowing state.
We aim to deliver a truly unique experience with visible results, leaving your skin bright, radiant and refreshed. Your therapist will complete your sensory journey with an indulgent head, face and décolletage massage for a truly relaxing and revitalising experience.

Aspect Relaxing Facial

30 minutes | $55.00
60 minutes | $90.00

If you are feeling sluggish and tired then this is the perfect facial for you! This Aspect facial is a deeply hydrating treatment for all skin types in need of an intense infusion of moisture and antioxidants. The facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, face, shoulder and décolletage massage, hydrating mask application while relaxing to a scalp massage, completed with nourishing serums and moisturises/SPF.


Teen Facial

45 minutes | $75.00

A gentle yet effective skin treatment designed to target teenage problematic skin to detoxify impure, clogged and congested skin types. This can be a great alternative for teenagers not ready for chemical peels.
The detoxifying facial treatment includes a deep cleanse, fruit enzyme treatment, shoulder and décolletage massage, completed with either a calming or a exfoliating clay mask whilst relaxing to a soothing scalp massage and finished with the appropriate serums and moisturisers/SPF.
This will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and decongested.

Oxygenating Facial

60 minutes | $115.00 

The Oxygen treatment is a two-step process that effectively delivers a boost of oxygen directly into the skin, improving circulation and targeting a broad range of skin concerns. A foam-like cream is first applied to clean, dry skin; then, a few drops of a catalyst activator are applied over top, warming as it is massaged into the skin,  doubling or tripling the foam. This is further massaged into the skin

Aspect Advanced
Infusion Facial

60 minutes | $120.00

This facial includes a enzyme treatment in combination with Aspects customised infusion mask base formulated with natural hydrating plant based gels and specific extracts of soy as an advanced transdermal delivery vehicle specifically engineered to rapidly transport actives into the skin. After the enzyme treatment and massage the mask base is mixed with prescribed quantities of  concentrates and applied to the skin for 10 minutes whilst unwinding to an invigorating scalp massage.

Societe Deep Thermal

60 minutes | $130.00

This facial uses thermal clay and gentle enzymes to release dead skin cells and impurities. Ceramides will restore balance to the skin and marine extracts hydrate and brighten to reawaken a dull complexion! Includes Societe's marine facial mask for deep hydration and instant plumping of the skin indulged with shoulder, decolletage and scalp massage.

Societe Green Peel Facial
The Ultimate Facial Treatment

75 minutes | $165.00

For the ultimate rejuvenation combined with pure  relaxation! After the skin is cleansed and prepped, we apply the Societe Superfruit with a Deep Thermal Cleanser combined together. Next we apply the foaming Societe Oxygenation Peel and work it into the skin until the foam is rich and creamy. The foaming peel is removed with steamy warm towel and a hydrating Peptide Mask applied to soothe and plump the skin whilst unwinding to an invigorating shoulder, decolletage and scalp massage.


30 minutes | $60.00
Back-cial + Microdermabrasion 30 minutes | $75.00

Are you experiencing congestion, breakouts and blemishes on your back? A deep cleansing back treatment may be exactly what is needed to decongest and clear away breakouts. Treatment includes a deep cleanse, enzyme treatment and extractions.

Rejuvenating Peptide
Infusion Mask

Add on to treatment 20 minutes | $30.00
Peptide treatment 35 minutes | $45.00

Using a formulation of peptides and plant based stem cells, this mask helps in skin rejuvenation, minimising skin dehydration and improving the skin’s ability to self-moisturise. Calming and cooling whilst puffiness and redness are reduced. Perfect for all skin types, especially dry and stressed skin. The unique Peptide Gel Sheets incorporate an innovative technology called TCD  (Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery), which ensures that their key ingredients are activated by skin temperature.

Perfect for add on treatment after: Dermapen, Fractional Laser Resurfacing, Microdermabrasion, Facial Surgery, Peels, Laser and more.

Or ideal as a stand alone infusion: Combined with fruit enzyme for pre exfoliation and relaxing scalp massage, complete with facial massage of remaining peptide serums.