Depigmentation Peel


What is Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel?

Cosmelan is the world’s safest and most effective treatment for a more even skin tone. This unique, multi-ingredient chemical treatment is designed to reduce areas of skin discolouration and hyperpigmentation. It works by decreasing the skin’s melanin production by inhibiting the release of tyrosinase enzyme. Cosmelan is compatible with all skin types. This non-invasive, easy and effective procedure can erase blemishes caused by sun-damage (freckles), ageing, acne scarring and hormonal pigmentation (melasma). In addition, the treatment balances the skin’s oil production to improve acne.


Hyperpigmentation and melasma present on the skin as dark discolouration, usually focused on the face but sometimes on the neck as well. Both conditions are caused by an overproduction of melanin, the natural pigment that determines the colour of a person’s skin. Melanin is also responsible for freckles and a variety of blemishes on the face, including acne scars and unsightly sun spots. When melanin rushes to one area, it can make your skin look uneven by creating dark brown patches or coffee stains, requiring heavy applications of makeup on a daily basis. The Cosmelan Depigmentation Mask is an excellent way to return the skin to a natural more visible appealing state.


  • Reduces dark spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Effective in the treatment of Melasma and Chloasma
  • Quick results
  • Gentle enough for all skin types
  • Can be performed any time of the year
  • Does not include TCA or hydroquinone
  • Beneficial for acne patients by reducing oil gland production
  • Skin becomes bright and rejuvenated with lightening of spots and brown areas in just 1-4 weeks

Cosmelan Treats:

  • Melasma
  • Brown spots
  • Blotchy skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)
  • Prevention of hyperpigmentation post laser and post peel

Cosmelan Results

Cosmelan aims to achieve a 93% improvement in pigmentation. This treatment is an incredible addition to our clinic and look forward to achieving life chaning results for our clients. However, it is a 6-12 month long commitment that you must be willing to dedicate yourself to. Within a week, clients will notice skin blemishes beginning to fade, and a brighter complexion breaking through. After a couple of weeks, the skin will take on a shiny, healthy glow. These results will continue to improve over the 4th-5th week, when the full benefits of Cosmelan can be seen.

The skin will be delicate and sensitive for the first 1-2 weeks after the treatment; prolonged sun exposure should be avoided and a full spectrum sunscreen worn at all times. Clients who commit to a daily routine will see the results from Cosmelan last for many month to years to come.

Cosmelan is a specialised system aiming to:

  • Reduce all types of skin pigmentation including Melasma and Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)
  • Increase skin luminosity
  • Equalises skin tone
  • Inhibits the formation of melanin
  • Increases collagen production

The Ideal Candidate

Cosmelan is safe for all skin tones and ethnicities, anyone looking for a fresher, more even complexion can make a potential candidate. The ideal client will fully understand the Cosmelan process and the requirements for follow up care. They should also be overall in good health, and hold realistic expectation for their resylts. The benefits and risks of Cosmelan mask will be further discussed during the initial consultation appointment.

Cosmelan Consultation

Wodonga Skin Centre will schedule a thorough consultation prior to the Cosmelan treatment with each client. During this time, an evaluation of skin’s tone, texture and facial anatomy will be performed. Your therapist will take medical history, as well as discuss your aesthetic goals and desires. The options for facial rejuvenation will also be discussed at this time. If it is determined that the Cosmelan Depigmentation process can achieve the desired results, a unique treatment plan will be created.

Cosmelan Process

The Cosmelan Depigmentation Mask is a two-step process. The first step involves an in-clinic application of a stimulating mask (Cosmelan 1); part two is continued application of a specific Cosmelan 2 product at home. The initial treatment will take less than an hour at Wodonga Skin Centre.

Step 1: The In-clinic Mask application

  • Skin is cleanse and prepped
  • Cosmelan mask is applied in a thick layer
  • Mask may sting slightly upon application, but will quickly dissipate
  • Depending on the level of correction needed, the mask must be left on the skin for 6-12 hours
  • Client is instructed on when and how to remove the mask at home
  • An after-care kit will be provided

Step 2: The Home Care Regimen

  • After the specific time allocated, the Cosmelan mask is removed with a gentle neutral cleanser 
  • Immediately after, a calming/hydrating peptide infusion mask is applied to comfort the skin and protect moisture
  • Peeling generally begins 2-3 days after the mask application and can last 1-2 weeks
  • Cosmelan 2 cream should be applied 2-3 times a day for two weeks
  • After the first 14 days, Cosmelan 2 can be applied once daily
  • Further post care products will be provided by the Wodonga Skin Centre (included in price)

Advantages Over Other Pigmentation Treatments

  • Only 1-2 treatments required
  • Rapid lightening action
  • For all skin types with good tolerance
  • For all kinds of skin blemishes of melanic origin including Melasma which is difficult to treat with lasers
  • Can be used any season of the year
  • Can treat hyperpigmentation caused from lasers and other chemical peels
  • Gives the skin that dewy glow and builds collagen which increases skin firmness and texture


$1,200 package price


  • Initial consulation (allow 30-60 minutes)
  • In clinic Cosmelan Depigmentation Mask application
  • One week post treatment Peptide Infusion 
  • One month post treatment Hydrating Facial
  • Post treatment skincare products 

Cosmelan Before and After Results

Frequently asked questions

The Cosmelan Depigmentation Mask is a moderate chemical treatment designed to decrease areas of hyperpigmentation, reducing the dark spots that occur due to sun exposure, acne, ageing and hormone fluctuation.

Cosmelan inhibits an enzyme called Tyrosinase, which is an enzyme responsible for the manufacture of melanin. By slowing down the melanin production, dark spots will soon fade. Other substances in the mask will also endeavor to invert the process of the transformation chain of melanin formation, which will paralyse/stop melanin production.

Inhibition of tyrosinase is only activated during treatment application. When finished, the enzyme recovers its activity producing new melanin, particularly if there is sun exposure. Due to this, application of home care products (Cosmelanin II) must be used to maintain results.

Before the first mask is applied, the skin is cleansed, a mask is applied to the skin which is left on for 6-12 hours and the client will return home. The client will then remove the mask at home using a gentle cleanser and will apply a hydrating mask.


Wodonga Skin Centre’s team of highly qualified skin therapists have undergone University studies and extensive training for the Cosmelan Depigmentation Mask. Using the Cosmelan Mask, the team can significantly improve the look and texture of the skin.

The mask can be safely used on the entire face.

The perfect candidate for a Cosmelan Mask treatment will be in good general health and understands the treatment process. The treatment is suitable for all skin types, unlike laser.

The Cosmelan Depigmentation Mask is performed in one of Wodonga Skin Centres treatment rooms.

The Cosmelan treatment is not painful. Clients report of brief stinging sensation immediately as the peel is applied, although this only lasts a few minutes.

Upon removal of the mask at home, clients will feel a very intense heat and tingling sensation which is alleviated with home care products provided by Wodonga Skin Centre,

No, there is no need for any anesthesia.

It will take less than half an hour for the application of the mask.

Within 2-4 weeks prior to your treatment DO NOT have any of the following treatments:

  • Waxing of any area to be treated
  • Depilatory use in any treated area
  • Laser treatments
  • Chemical treatments of any kind
  • Sunscreen MUST be worn EVERYDAY
  • any active injury or inflammation to the treated area

For the first few days, the face may feel tight, itchy, and be slightly red. Two to three days after the treatment is applied, the skin will begin to flake and peel which could last a few days to two weeks, but is managed with home care products.

After approximately one week you will see the skin beginning to look brighter and more even in tone. More significant results will not be seen until one month post treatment and keep improving over a six month period.

Wodonga Skin Centre recommend a minimum of 4 days off work. The first day for application of the mask to allow sufficient time on the skin. This is usually performed Thursday of Fridays. The following days is when client experience the most down time of heat, peeling and slight discomfort.

As long as proper skin care is continued, the results from a Cosmelan Mask can last for many months to years to come.

A Cosmelan Depigmentation Mask is extremely safe for all skin types. The side effects of the treatment can included temporary redness and itching. More serious complications are rare, but can including burning in extreme cases scarring if not sufficiently cared for post treatment or particularly from excessive sun exposure immediately after treatment.

If you are pregnant, nursing, are experiencing active Rosacea, or have been using Accutane in the 6-12 months, the Cosmelan mask should be postponed.

The Cosmelan Depigmentation Mask is a cost-effective treatment. Compared to Laser’s which may require many more treatments. Price includes consultation, treatment, follow-ups, and take-home products.